Mar 102015
An Exchange of Ideas

The Conference has succeeded in bringing together 50 active members of the civil society from different Central and Eastern European countries (members and non-members of the InMOE-Network). The transfer of knwoledge between the participants was made possible by several sessions of exchange, Open Space Technology and the informal spaces given by the unusual venue located on the boarder between two countries. Experts provided input on volunteer-management (Ana-Maria Stuth and Mirko Schwärzel), Key-Issues of Volunteer-Engagement in Belarus (Sergej Laboda) and Volunteer-Alignment (Bhavesh Patel). Results of the Conference were a very active InMOE-Year of 2014 with many active contributors in the board and as project-managers, one new member organisation joined in November 2014 and continuing cooperation with Bhavesh Patel from Initiatives of Change.



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