Özlem Gündoğdu

Özlem Gündoğdu

Eastern European Expert, Project Manager and Globetrotter

Özlem has a Bachelor degree in European Studies and a Master degree in Eastern European Studies with a major in law. She is also an IPMA certified Project Manager. In the Past she was a Bosch Lector in Chișinău, Moldova (2011-2012) and a DAAD Lector in Kharkov, Ukraine (2015-2017).

InMOE e.V. is a part of her professional and private life since the very beginning of its existence. She took part in the transformation process of InMOE, from a program of the Bosch Foundation to an independent NGO in 2008. Since than, she had different rolls within the organisation, from board member to project manager.

In the current board she is the treasurer, so a perpetual task is bookkeeping and accounting. Besides that she is working on the current organisational developing process. Working within InMOE is working with friends and so I always like to provide a home to stay for Globetrotting Members.